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We all LOVE our crafting space. Weather it's on the kitchen table, in the guest room, or maybe you have your own dedicated room - it is here that our projects unfold before our eyes. With all the tiny (and not-so-tiny) pieces to pursue our crafting, we really need an organized way to sort our treasures. I've made this page to share some ideas for storage, and I believe it is a constant learning process!
  • You will lean the "right" types of storage over time, through personal experience, and through other's opinions. Hopefully, this page can be one of the bricks on that path to accomplishing your dream. There is no right way to store paper, rubber stamps, stickers... it all depends on your space and preference.
  • Shop at second-hand stores, and garage sales. You never know what kinds of people or stores donate fixtures, storage racks, chests of drawers... and you can come home with great storage for a small fraction of the original cost.
  • Sticker Stand - formerly held dog treats!

Repurpose Other Types of Storage
  • Use a wall-mounted tape organizer to hold ink pads, a brochure display to hold paper stacks, or a nail polish rack to hold glitter bottles. My personal favorite has been spice jars to hold small odds-and-ends.
  • I recently purchased this stand, which is PERFECT for my sticker collection, not from your traditional craft store. I got it from a pet store that was closing, and selling their display stands. Yes, this stand held dog treats! And it couldn't be more perfect for what I need. And, I got it for $10.

My investment in:
Michael's Recollections Cube storage system.

PROS: they're pretty ;)
  • Purchase exactly which cubes you prefer - more drawers? More vertical storage? You choose what you want, and stack them together
  • As your supplies increase or your needs change, you can add more cubes and it continues to look like one wall-unit
  • These frequently go 40% off at Michaels, and go on clearance when they discontinue a piece - so you can add slowly without greatly impacting your budget

  • Cubes are not high-quality. As a military family, I have moved only once since their purchase, and I am concerned they will not make it through two more. They often feel wobbly as you stack them, and there is no way to attach them horizontally to one another for increased stability
  • They are made of a thin material, prone to scratching, and squeaking sounds when using the drawers
  • Overall, I would give greater consideration to the IKEA Expedit Series. Although they are more expensive (purchase of initial unit, followed by purchasing inserts for each square), their size is also perfect for scrapbooking and their durability is better for longevity. There are just not as many options for drawer sizes.
  • If you someone who does not move frequently, I think the Michael's unit would work just fine - especially if you could somehow secure them to the wall to promote their stability.

Of course, Pinterest is a GREAT way to get storage ideas!
Follow Marissa's board Craft Room Organization! on Pinterest.

My Mom is also an avid crafter, and is constantly updating this organization board here on Pinterest:

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