January 21, 2015

Disney Baby Gift

I found this really cute bib and hat set that was perfect for our friends who've just announced they're pregnant again! They love Mickey & Minnie, and this set is pretty much gender neutral (I will offer to add a pink bow later, if needed). I loved the Mickey card - the letter itself stuck into the front. I bought a solid bag, and personalized it with "Congratulations" in the Disney font.
The Disney font was downloaded from the internet, and it's free for personal use. Check out the Disney Fonts Here. I imported the generic Mickey head into Cricut Design Space, and used the free circle already provided for the interior. I didn't have a "half circle", so I cut a full one and sliced it in half. I added the two white buttons, and that's about it!
Circuit Design Space

January 19, 2015

Flower Pot Card

Flower Birthday Card
Who doesn't love getting flowers for their birthday? I loved playing with flowers to see what looked the best for this card. Hopefully she loves it as much as I do! :)

  • The shape of the flower pot is from the Cricut image library, and the vines were a free cut also from the Cricut library. I didn't cut the flowers the pot came with, since I wanted to use my own pre-cut paper flowers. As you can see, I distressed the edges so it would add more dimension. Next time, I would distress the card's edges as well...
  • Each flower has three layers. I used my ATG Tape for the flower layers, and glue for the buttons. I was worried they would feel loose, but they're not going anywhere! You could also use a pretty brad for the center of the flowers
  • I stamped the vellum envelope and added a tag to the front

December 22, 2014

Christmas Cards Galore!

Participating in this Christmas Market marked the first time I have sold any of my created projects. Typically, I only make gifts, help a friend with their project, or make a card to give someone. I entered this multiple-day endeavor with HascherMade (also a first-time seller), a good friend and talented seamstress! We rented a booth together to sell our crafts. Unfortunately, the event's turnout wasn't as good as we hoped, but we still learned a lot and enjoyed visiting with each other!

HascherMade's Sewing Projects:
Please be sure to check out her Blog! She does amazing custom orders!

Marissa Kay Creation's Cards:
I made over 100 A2 cards, several different square cards, and numerous gift-bag tags. My Mom let me borrow her small spinning-rack (what a lifesaver!), and I used a small basket for the gift tags. I placed each card in a sandwich bag, and used a label to indicate its price (ranging from $2-$4). I had an inventory sheet where I could track which cards sold the most. Please, enjoy and be inspired!

This was my most popular card!
This was the 2nd most popular card
I purchased rights to use this nativity from Cricut
Gift Bag Tags 

This was a cut purchased and downloaded from Cricut

Thank you for looking through my Christmas Cards!
Until next year...
Merry Christmas!

December 5, 2014

Everything is AWESOME! Lego Party!

This Lego Party was thrown for an awesome boy turning 6 years old! We definitely utilized the Cricut on these projects. The boy and girl lego faces were (painstakingly) put together pieces by piece... but they look so much better than having just used a marker!

I've included the images we found useful in planning this party. How we did the invitation, Boy & Girl lego Faces, Lego Men bodies, and the cake of course! If you need larger image files (say, to import into a Cricut or Silhouette), check the pinterest board at the bottom and those links are exactly what we used. If you're not on Pinterest (you really should be!!), e-mail me and I will get them to you!

In the favor bags, Mom put: candy, glow sticks, a small toy, and a snack. Lego pieces are terribly expensive, but if budget is not a concern - actual legos would be perfect! Boy & girl colors... OR that Lego Candy from a specialized candy store...

There is a pinterest board at the bottom of this post where my friend and I pinned some other ideas.

Have an awesome Lego Party!!

If you're in the market to throw a lego party, catch some ideas from our Pinterest Board:

November 23, 2014

Time to Sew! Couch Pillows!

 My very first sewing project! My husband gave me a sewing machine several years ago for our anniversary, and I've never taken the time to learn how to use it. Thank you to HascherMade for taking the time to fix the machine, and teach me a few things! I am so excited to share this project, I love how they came out! Hopefully I will get better with my machine - it is definitely a learning process!

Please visit HascherMade's Sewing Blog!
She is a wonderful friend and a very talented seamstress!
(Yes, she does do custom orders!)

November 7, 2014

Simple Fall Card

I know, I should've taken it out of the plastic...

I used my two square punches (that fit together nicely!), an embossing folder, and some ribbon. The pumpkin was a glittery-foam sticker. This template could be applied for any occasion, and is not time-consuming! Good for use of small scraps too!

August 15, 2014

Burlap Banners & Coffee Filter Flowers

Small banner for above our bed. The middle heart is actually a light blue, but terrible lighting + iphone camera = white, lol. The coffee filter flowers were incredibly easy and turned out beautiful. I made mine with inspiration from Two Shades of Pink, who includes tutorials and a very helpful video. I cut my filters to two different sizes, since I had a large amount of one size. Later, I also dyed several using food coloring and water, and added essential oils to the dye to make them smell like flowers! The kitchen also smelled amazing for a while. 

This banner was made for my craft room! I used a basic burlap banner on twine string, and painted the letters on each one. To make a stencil, I used freezer paper and the cricut. Cutting the stencil on the freezer paper allowed me to iron it onto the burlap, which helped it "stick" on while I painted. Don't expect it to stick like adhesive, just enough to hold it in place. Of course I added some filter flowers on the sides too!