August 15, 2014

Burlap Banners & Coffee Filter Flowers

Small banner for above our bed. The middle heart is actually a light blue, but terrible lighting + iphone camera = white, lol. The coffee filter flowers were incredibly easy and turned out beautiful. I made mine with inspiration from Two Shades of Pink, who includes tutorials and a very helpful video. I cut my filters to two different sizes, since I had a large amount of one size. Later, I also dyed several using food coloring and water, and added essential oils to the dye to make them smell like flowers! The kitchen also smelled amazing for a while. 

This banner was made for my craft room! I used a basic burlap banner on twine string, and painted the letters on each one. To make a stencil, I used freezer paper and the cricut. Cutting the stencil on the freezer paper allowed me to iron it onto the burlap, which helped it "stick" on while I painted. Don't expect it to stick like adhesive, just enough to hold it in place. Of course I added some filter flowers on the sides too!

August 11, 2014

Beach Wedding Card

This wedding card was made for dear friends of ours, marrying in Hawaii. Although the colors didn't obviously say "wedding", they do say beach - which I believed was fitting for this special occasion. 

  • I use my sand product so sparingly since I can't seem to find it anymore, but it must certainly be used on beach projects! The sand comes in a small container (wet inside), and I use my fingers to rub it where desired. It takes only a few minutes to completely dry firmly in its place.
  • The seashells were from an 11-pieces set from Jolee's by You set called "Shell", and the sand dollar was from a Martha Stewart punch.
  • The ribbon is similar to burlap ribbon, and I used foam tape to elevate the seashells on the card.
  • My only complaint was that I didn't ensure that the envelope would easily fit the card. The card has so much dimension, it was a very tight fit into the blue envelope. Be sure to add 1/4" when making envelopes for 3-D cards!

July 28, 2014

Dried Flowers in Shadow Box

I made this from dried wedding flowers, and gave as a gift to the bride and groom. The bouquet sat on the altar as the couple was married, and I took one home to find a creative way to showcase their memory. 

  • I did a lot of online research about the best way to dry special flowers, and the best, most economical option was using silicone beads. I found them at Hobby Lobby, and used my coupon (totaling less than $10 for the large bag). You place the fresh flowers in these beads in a microwave-safe dish, and microwave for the time indicated. After allowing them to cool, you pull out flowers that look just like these! They are a little soft since the moisture is still contained, but a few days later they are ready to craft with. The best part is, the beads are reusable so you'll never have to buy them again!
  • The shadow-box frame is also from Hobby Lobby. It is a beautiful frame, with the background already being the cream-color you see here. I purchased very small/thin, silver sewing pins, and pinned these flowers inside one-by-one. It takes a while to get an arrangement you like, but well worth the effort.
  • Finally, I cut the couple's last name in cricut vellum and placed that on the front. TIP: If I could do it again, I would "mirror" the image and stick the letters on the inside of the glass instead!
  • GRAND TOTAL: ~$30, and about 2 hours of assemble time after drying the flowers. The best part about this project is that the shadow box is magnetic, so the couple can open it and smell their flowers hopefully for many years to come.

June 1, 2014

Graduate Thank You Cards

Using the writing feature from the Cricut Explore, I made these graduation- themed thank-you cards. I used words that were relevant to me personally, and indicated a "Thank You" by using red ink. Each card is slightly different, using a variety of colors and ribbon from my craft room. I made some square, and some rectangular. I also cut out small hats and 2014 logos to embellish the backs and the envelopes.

May 5, 2014

Chevron-Tree Baby Shower Card

Chase's nursery is painted grey and chevron, with a white vinyl tree above his crib. I took Mom's decor and used it as inspiration for her shower card. I love that the new Cricut Explore can upload its own JPEGs, so I could find a tree similar to the one she had already. Since Dad is into Texas A&M, I added that logo too. Baby cards are some of my favorite because everyone is so unique in their theme, and I can spring off of that.

Products I used:

  • I'm really enjoying the Cricut's writing function!! This white pen is amazing - it's from American Crafts, and it's their medium-tipped Galaxy marker. Purchased at Hobby Lobby. It writes almost like a skinny paintbrush, and fits perfectly into the machine.
  • I recently found the chevron envelopes also at Hobby Lobby in a 50-pack, but it's hard to get the Cricut to write directly centered on the front.
  • The shiny grey paper doesn't photograph well, but looks great on the product itself. :)
  • The "Baby Prints" stickers are some of my favorite go-to's, they're STICKO brand and I regularly purchase them at Michaels. 

March 1, 2014

Nautical-Themed Birthday Banner

  • I started in the paper isle at Michaels, and found several coordinating blue, red, and grey papers.
  • The "happy birthday" is intentionally not glued, since I didn't know the exact angle of the mantle it would be hanging on. I used small clothespins to hang it once we arrived. The font is called "Quarter Note" and is one of my favorites!
  • The small Welcome banner was actually an afterthought, since I used the leftover paper from the cricut cuts!
  • I attached each panel to twine using small brads on each corner, after *randomly* placing the patterns together, overlapping and underlapping (?) each other
  • I used the cricut to cut the banner shape, in two different sizes (long and short). I sized them to fit 3 banners/ per 12x12 paper

    Banner Size
    Name tags in Design Space
  • I also made name tags. This was one of my first projects on the cricut explore, so I had it draw an outline around each name tag (as seen in photo). Instead of using pins on the back, I bought small (yet very strong) magnets instead (much easier to figure out how to glue those too!)

February 8, 2014

Doily Valentines Cards

Happy Valentines Day! I found the large doilies at the dollar store, and the smaller ones at Hobby Lobby. Gluing them down can be tricky, be sure to layer at least 2 so you don't see the glue bulges! I found the banner pre-made at Hobby Lobby (pieces came in a package for you to assemble, but I did replace their thread). This is definitely worth the cost, since making banners is so time-consuming. These cards are pretty straightforward, and can be done without the cricut if you have stickers and pre-cut shapes for the card's interior.