"Word" Books

As Christmas Gifts, I decided to make 5 word books for my parents, in-laws, and grandparents. I was inspired by several bloggers who made larger books with shorter words, so instead I turned mine into roughly ~4.5inx12in books that embodied a message of "We Love You [name]". Needless to say, these projects were very time consuming, as I made 5 versions - but well worth all the effort. Being a new cricut crafter, I feel these projects came out beautifully and truly made for unique gifts!
  • I made the pages of the book thicker by using cereal boxes in between the layers of textured cardstock. This allowed for a more "book-like" feeling. Just a side note, chipboard is preferable because I believe it is acid free. However, I can't seem to find it in any of my local stores.
  • I don't own a binding machine, so I took the pages to Staples and had each one bounded at their copy and print center.
  • All of these books were designed with my Gypsy, but now I would use the Cricut Craft Room software. Viewing multiple layers helps you to adjust your page width so you can read your word. Please give me credit if you decide to post this idea!

Book 1  Grandma

Book 2  Mama

 Book 3  Nana

 Book 4  Mom

 Book 5 Grandma


  1. Can you share or provide cuts for the word books?

  2. Yes! Which word are you interested in? I can share it as a CCR file.

  3. I would like to have the cuts for files as well. I am new to cricut and love all of the albums.

  4. Thank you! Which particular word book were you most interested in? It will be a little work to get the file ready to share online, so if you could let me know which one you wanted, I'll prepare that one. Thanks!