February 15, 2012

Valentines Day! A Deck of Cards Flipbook

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day! Now that I've given this gift, I can post what I've been working on. A friend gave me the initial idea for a "52 Reasons I Love You" book, using a deck of cards.
Page Ideas

Some Suggestions for this Project:

  • Make a "cover" for the entire book. I made the basic cover from chipboard, then used my valentines card stock to make it decorative.
  • Use a hole punch to punch two holes in every card. Be sure you have a guide of some sort so the holes are all in the same places.
  • The rings used to hold them together are those you would use for index cards. You can buy them in silver or in colors at Staples.
  • The pictures I printed were all wallet-sized. I did so by uploading all my photos into Picnik's website, and creating a "collage" of a 4x6 size, using two wallet photos. Then, you can pay for a 4x6 print and cut apart two different wallet photos (since usually, when you submit wallets you have to print 2-4 of the same photo). However, each one needed to be cut to size just slightly. So, I glued each picture on first, and after the glue dried I used scissors to hand-cut the rounded corners (yes, that's a lot of work!). I tried using tape first, but the shiny surface of the cards wouldn't hold it. Instead, I used Scotch's Quick Dry Adhesive (liquid).
  • Most importantly, be creative! Use real-life items to embellish the project, ex: ticket stubs. It makes it that much more personal! Another example, I used some confetti from our wedding that I'd been saving for my scrapbook. Also, I had a page about Applebees - with which I used a gift-card holder I grabbed when we were there and cut it to size. Stuff like this really looks great!
  • If it helps you, make a list of everything you want to write first. I did so in a computer document, and added stuff as I thought of them. This way, you can keep alike reasons separated in the deck, if that's what you want (for example, I didn't want a picture of my engagement ring after a picture of the place where he proposed).
  • If I had a main word I wanted to get across, I used rubber stamps to stamp the main word, and then hand-wrote the rest after the ink dried.
  • Just a reminder, a standard deck has 52 cards - but if you plan to use the Jokers, it would be 54. I used one Joker (for the saying "You make me laugh", obviously!), so even though there are technically 53 reasons in my deck, I still wrote 52 because that number is more associated with the standard size of a deck of cards.

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