August 27, 2013

Elephant-Chevron Baby Shower

Invitations  Click on this link to see the coordinating invitations

Two-Sided Banner
A simple way to decorate is by making a personalized banner. I chose to make it two-sided so guests in either room could see it. I put Mom's name on one side, and "baby" on the other. I hand-cut the grey banner and chevron tops, and used "Paper Lace" font to cut the letters. If you use 12x12 paper, you can fit two flags per paper. Thus, this banner used two sheets of paper.

To create an extra-long name project: Use larger 12x24 mat to cut the baby's name. Cut the first half on one mat, and the second half on another mat, overlapping two letters in the middle. This gives you plenty of overlapping room to glue the two pieces together.

GAME: Baby Food Tasting!
Baby food tasting was a good way to get people to interact with each other. Be sure to choose flavors that are as different from one another as possible. I had a friend who had a child choose to make sure they weren't too terrible. #1-4 tasted okay, but I made #5 yucky as to perhaps be a tie-breaker if necessary. Give a hint sheet to guests know how many flavors they were guessing. I printed answer cards on my home computer, and cut them afterwords. To my surprise, one guest got 100% correct!

Leave a Message- Station
See details for Notecard Message Book, including downloadable CCR file, on my cricut profile: Baby Shower Notecards

designated a small table (under the initials on the wall) for this message station. I used large pieces of chevron paper, and cut them to the same size as an index card. Leave one side white so guests can leave their messages. I made plenty of extra cards so people could write one to Mom/one to baby, if desired. Punch a hole in the corner of each card, and use an index card ring (they're sold at Staples). I left directions that gave guests some inspiration of things to write. I created a front and back cover, both use sayings from the "Gypsy Wanderings" cartridge. Some people may want to bring these home to write them.

GAME: Name the Baby Animals

[photo to come]

This game is harder than you think. The object is for guests to name what certain baby animal is called. Create an answer sheet for you, and answer cards #1-20 for each person. Call out the name of the grown animal. This link can provide you good Q's and A's: Baby Animal Game
Prize: Animal Crackers!

Birthday Cards for Baby's Future

We all know that there is so much emphasis on birth/first few months of baby's life. This activity allows guests to give to the baby for many years to come. After you receive RSVPs, design one card for each guest to decorate. I found it easiest to pre-label each year (#1-16), and each person could choose what year they wanted to make a card for. I put out markers, tape, glue, and some fun birthday shapes from different cricut cartridges. This was my favorite activity simply because it allowed people a chance to make something that would be enjoyed years from now- almost like a small time capsule. When daughter opens her card, Mom can talk about who that person was and their friendship she had during baby's early years. It might be neat to put a photo in each one too. I got the general idea for this activity here Cards for the Future

Cricut mats showing card accents:


Favors can be tim- consuming if you don't stick with something simple. I purchased small tins at a Christian Store, and covered them with 2in circles & small elephants. Recruit a friend to help! Provide the supplies so they can help by donating time. I placed them on a cake display tray so they could be moved easily if they were in the way of food or drinks.

An Elephant Never Forgets

If someone steps-in to help with this special event, be sure to thank them individually since their contribution helped the day run smoothly. Don't thank each guest for attending- since that's more appropriate from the guest of honor- just those that contributed to the logistics. :)


  1. Wow! This was truly a labor of love! Jenn is so lucky to have a friend like you! Thanks for sharing the "how to's" and the thoughts behind the activities and decor. Many of these ideas could be used for other types of celebrations as well. I wish I could have attended this party!

  2. So chic Elephant-Chevron Baby Shower decorations. I am so impressed with all these decorations and would love to use of these ideas for my cousin’s baby shower that I would be hosting at the local event space Chicago.