July 11, 2013

Elephant Baby Shower Invites

Baby shower invites are so fun! They're a great way to let guests know about the Mom-to-be, both through words and design choices. This Mom is doing a chevron print/elephant themed nursery. Be sure to include proper spelling of baby's name (if known), as well as any registry information.
  • Prepare yourself for a time-consuming project. To make 20+ invites, it takes me around 8 hours (after store shopping has been completed). The cricut was not used in any part of this project.
  • Be sure you have a backing for the invitation. Usually printed/designer papers are not card stock, just regular thickness. This makes the invite feel flimsy. I used the body of a blank card (cut in half), and the envelopes that coordinated in size (yes, I did run out of envelopes... so be sure you x2 the envelopes if you plan to do this).
  • Print invitation text on your home computer. Just be sure you purchase 81/2x11 paper, otherwise you'll be cutting your 12x12 to fit your printer. My basic printer takes card stock just fine. Just allow time for the ink to dry before you touch it.
  • "Glue dots" are my favorite 3-D adhesive for a punch this size (elephant from Martha Stewart).
  • Keep the front of the envelopes simple since you will likely be mailing to some who are out-of-town. Mine say "special delivery", and the back has a row of chevron paper. Use a vellum envelope for a cool effect (they're just costly!).
  • They don't have to be cookie-cutter! I was stressing about the chevron not all going the same way for utilization of paper space (some horizontal and some vertical). When I was mid-process, I realized that this is part of the beauty of hand-designing something. Some of mine had brads, some are double matted, some are tilted, some have foam tape... The colors are uniform, and the text is identical. Be creative and see what you come up with!
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