December 5, 2014

Everything is AWESOME! Lego Party!

This Lego Party was thrown for an awesome boy turning 6 years old! We definitely utilized the Cricut on these projects. The boy and girl lego faces were (painstakingly) put together pieces by piece... but they look so much better than having just used a marker!

I've included the images we found useful in planning this party. How we did the invitation, Boy & Girl lego Faces, Lego Men bodies, and the cake of course! If you need larger image files (say, to import into a Cricut or Silhouette), check the pinterest board at the bottom and those links are exactly what we used. If you're not on Pinterest (you really should be!!), e-mail me and I will get them to you!

In the favor bags, Mom put: candy, glow sticks, a small toy, and a snack. Lego pieces are terribly expensive, but if budget is not a concern - actual legos would be perfect! Boy & girl colors... OR that Lego Candy from a specialized candy store...

There is a pinterest board at the bottom of this post where my friend and I pinned some other ideas.

Have an awesome Lego Party!!

If you're in the market to throw a lego party, catch some ideas from our Pinterest Board:

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