December 22, 2014

Christmas Cards Galore!

Participating in this Christmas Market marked the first time I have sold any of my created projects. Typically, I only make gifts, help a friend with their project, or make a card to give someone. I entered this multiple-day endeavor with HascherMade (also a first-time seller), a good friend and talented seamstress! We rented a booth together to sell our crafts. Unfortunately, the event's turnout wasn't as good as we hoped, but we still learned a lot and enjoyed visiting with each other!

HascherMade's Sewing Projects:
Please be sure to check out her Blog! She does amazing custom orders!

Marissa Kay Creation's Cards:
I made over 100 A2 cards, several different square cards, and numerous gift-bag tags. My Mom let me borrow her small spinning-rack (what a lifesaver!), and I used a small basket for the gift tags. I placed each card in a sandwich bag, and used a label to indicate its price (ranging from $2-$4). I had an inventory sheet where I could track which cards sold the most. Please, enjoy and be inspired!

This was my most popular card!
This was the 2nd most popular card
I purchased rights to use this nativity from Cricut
Gift Bag Tags 

This was a cut purchased and downloaded from Cricut

Thank you for looking through my Christmas Cards!
Until next year...
Merry Christmas!

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