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You're not limited to Cricut's Selection of Markers!
  • The Cricut makers work beautifully in your machine, which is wonderful... but, what if you wanted a color they don't make, or a variety in the pen thickness? I've found two other brands whose markers work in these machines. You have to know what you're looking for, so watch for these details when purchasing them:
  • TIP: Carry the silver Cricut Pen in your purse! You can compare markers to it while you are in the store...
American Crafts Markers & Recollections Markers
  • Compare your Cricut's pen to these sets, and you'd certainly believe they were made by the same company! Not ALL American Craft pens and Recollections look like the Cricut's, so don't assume any pen by that brand will work. Compare to your pen that arrived with your Explore, and you'll see what I mean.
  • DO NOT BUY: "Broad" Tipped-markers in either of these brands (for use in your machine). The pen will fit into the Explore nicely, but the tip is too short - its broadness will not allow it to "touch" the paper to write. Use only Fine-tip or Medium Tip makers in these brands, both of which will write just fine. 
  • I have purchased the following markers and can use them with no problems:
    • American Crafts
    • Recollections 
      • Recollections Signature Pens in 05 (available for individual purchase in-store)
      • Recollections Signature Photo Marker 18-piece Set (Fine Tip)
      • See Michael's Supply of Recollections Markers
Going to the store? Take this article with you for reference!

Choosing the Cricut Explore
There are several really awesome cutting machines on the market these days; the Cricut Explore, Brother Scan and Cut, and the Sillouette Cameo, to name a few. After doing my research, I decided to purchase the Cricut Explore. There are great qualities to every paper cutting machine, only a few differences that can sway your decision. Be sure to pay attention to their user- friendliness, and not be only swayed by product specs found on manufacturer's websites. YouTube is a valuable resource, as people give reviews and tutorials about these products - and are not being financially swayed by the producing company. Good luck with your decision, you'll be happy no matter which one you purchase!

These are some basic helpful videos for the Cricut Explore:

8 Reasons to Love the Cricut Explore

How to Import SVG files into Cricut Design Space

How to Write and Score (together) in Cricut Design Space


  1. Thanks for the tips for using other markers for the Cricut Explore! I am having difficulty "writing" with the American Craft Galaxy marker. I have to set the machine to "score" to get it to "write" Any suggestions? I must be doing something incorrectly, not sure what? I am guessing the dial for the correct thickness of what I am using? I have tried light cardstock and custom. Sometimes it comes out as the partial word I am testing. For instance "chalkboard" would show as lkboa the first and last letters seem do not print

    1. Hi Marie! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your galaxy marker. Is it the white one? The first thought that comes to mind is that with my white one, I need to "rejuvenate" it before I use it each time (aka scribble a lot on a scratch piece of paper). This gets the ink flowing again so it writes more evenly. Also please make sure it's a Medium Tip and not Broad Tip (I've never been able to use a broad tip! But, I never thought about using "score" instead, that was clever!). As far as settings go, I have my object/text in "write" format, and I typically write on "heavy card stock" setting. The galaxy marker is definitely my most picky writer, but I need white sometimes so I put up with it. Let me know how it goes!

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