August 15, 2014

Burlap Banners & Coffee Filter Flowers

Small banner for above our bed. The middle heart is actually a light blue, but terrible lighting + iphone camera = white, lol. The coffee filter flowers were incredibly easy and turned out beautiful. I made mine with inspiration from Two Shades of Pink, who includes tutorials and a very helpful video. I cut my filters to two different sizes, since I had a large amount of one size. Later, I also dyed several using food coloring and water, and added essential oils to the dye to make them smell like flowers! The kitchen also smelled amazing for a while. 

This banner was made for my craft room! I used a basic burlap banner on twine string, and painted the letters on each one. To make a stencil, I used freezer paper and the cricut. Cutting the stencil on the freezer paper allowed me to iron it onto the burlap, which helped it "stick" on while I painted. Don't expect it to stick like adhesive, just enough to hold it in place. Of course I added some filter flowers on the sides too!

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