October 12, 2012

Picture Centerpiece

This is a square-shaped centerpiece with a candle in the center. I made this for our wedding anniversary, but it could be used for any occasion. Its four sides allow for four different photos. The wood pieces on the bottom spell out our last name. I really like how it came out, and how the glow from the candle made such an impact through the photos. :-)

I purchased the thickest 4x6 frames I could find so it would stand up as easily as possible. This project didn't require a lot of materials. It required: 4 frames, glossy accents (as glue), 2 sheets of 8.5x11 vellum (for the printer), a square mirror, thick black ribbon, hot glue, a candle for the center, and any decorations you want to add to the frames.

  1. The first step is to print four black-and-white 4x6 photos on the vellum paper (two can fit on each sheet). I used an ordinary ink printer, just remember to allow enough time for the ink to dry.
  2. Remove the backs from the frames (you will not need them). Remove the glass. Place the vellum-photo into the frame, thinly applying glossy accents along the edges to hold it in place. After photo is placed, apply another thin layer to the edges of the glass, again to hold it in the frame. Let this dry overnight if possible.
  3. Cut small pieces of wide, black ribbon. Use hot glue to adhere these small pieces to the frames. The purpose of this ribbon is not only to attach the frames together, but to allow this piece to be flexible enough to bend into its "square" form. The hardest part is attaching the last two small pieces because you need to do it while it's sitting upright.
  4. Be sure to decorate the frames while they are laying flat, it's much easier this way!
  5. Put a candle in the middle. I actually used a flickering LED candle, that way we could leave it on without worrying about the proximity of the wooden frames. You can also put it on a mirror so there's more light in the room. And you're done!

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