January 10, 2014

Birthday Banner Card

One of my favorite birthday cards! This was a time-consuming card, but worth all the effort! Making the banner by hand was the most tedious part. I've made the Cricut Craft Room file available for your download, so you can get right to cutting the banner ;)

Download the CCR file here: Birthday Banner Card

To use this exact file, you need to own: Wildcard (triangle shape), Paper Lace (font on banner), Elegant Edges (front circles), & A Child's Year (balloons)
Tips & Tricks: Design with patience...
CCR File Preview
  • Find the card-size you want first, make the banner second, then assemble the card.
  • Placing multiple layers on the interior allowed me to run the banner string underneath the pink card-stock, so the banner was secure but not visibly so. I added eyelets to the corners for this purpose, and had to thread them with a needle-threader.
  • I made the banner in CCR by welding two triangles together, followed by placing each letter accordingly. Be sure to keep all the interior pieces of the letters because you'll need to glue them down later! Use a single-color-sided paper (or paper with two different colors), so when you fold the banner, the color shows through. If you prefer, you could use a rubber stamp or a sticker (that may be faster!)

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