August 16, 2013

Thank-You bags using brown lunch sacks

Party Gift Bags

  • brown paper bags
  • one doily per brown bag
  • ribbon puncher
  • hemp (or ribbon)
  • stamp & inkpad
  • scissors
  • liquid glue
Directions (coordinating with photograph):
  1. Gather supplies...
  2. Crease and fold the doilies down their middle. Next, crease and fold the brown bags at 2.5in from their top (I used the Martha Stewart Scor Board)
  3. Put tiny dots of glue onto the back half of the folded doily, and glue to the portion folded back on the brown bag. Rub diligently to allow glue to spread, thus eliminating the previously visible "glue bumps". I chose not to glue the front of the doily so the bags had a more dimensional look without sacrificing strength
  4. Punch holes to allow for hemp or ribbon bows. This is also what keeps the bag closed. I found it easiest to use just over 12in of string length
  5. (not pictured) Stamp brown bags with stamp of choice. Black ink showed up the clearest
  6. Fill bags with candies and other fun goodies! Then tie the bows and you're set to go!

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