July 28, 2014

Dried Flowers in Shadow Box

I made this from dried wedding flowers, and gave as a gift to the bride and groom. The bouquet sat on the altar as the couple was married, and I took one home to find a creative way to showcase their memory. 

  • I did a lot of online research about the best way to dry special flowers, and the best, most economical option was using silicone beads. I found them at Hobby Lobby, and used my coupon (totaling less than $10 for the large bag). You place the fresh flowers in these beads in a microwave-safe dish, and microwave for the time indicated. After allowing them to cool, you pull out flowers that look just like these! They are a little soft since the moisture is still contained, but a few days later they are ready to craft with. The best part is, the beads are reusable so you'll never have to buy them again!
  • The shadow-box frame is also from Hobby Lobby. It is a beautiful frame, with the background already being the cream-color you see here. I purchased very small/thin, silver sewing pins, and pinned these flowers inside one-by-one. It takes a while to get an arrangement you like, but well worth the effort.
  • Finally, I cut the couple's last name in cricut vellum and placed that on the front. TIP: If I could do it again, I would "mirror" the image and stick the letters on the inside of the glass instead!
  • GRAND TOTAL: ~$30, and about 2 hours of assemble time after drying the flowers. The best part about this project is that the shadow box is magnetic, so the couple can open it and smell their flowers hopefully for many years to come.

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